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127 Years and Counting

Originally established as Margot Farms, Francis Phillip Margot purchased the land in Glenn, Michigan in 1894. Its rich soil and close proximity to the bustling urban city made it a prime location to raise fruits for the Chicago Markets. Much like today, the seasonal crops produced apples, peaches, pears, strawberries, and currants.​ Once ripe, the fruits were hand-picked, placed in wooden barrels, and loaded onto horse-drawn wagons. The wagons would make the journey to Pier Cove or Glenn Pier before being loaded on large boats and shipped to South Water Street Market in Chicago where the produce was sold for 5 to 12 cents a pound. 

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The land originally purchased by Francis was passed down through the Margot family. In the 1960s, Howard Margot, the grandson of Francis purchased an additional plot of land on 120th (which is where we are located today). Looking to expand production, Howard sold a share of the business to his daughter's husband, Glenn Phelps. After returning home from the Vietnam War in 1968, Glenn along with his wife Karen purchased the remaining share of the business and began solely operating the farm.

Glenn and Karen continued farming the land from the original trees that Francis Margot planted in the 1890's while also raising a family of three boys. Scott, the second of the three, joined his father in the field and began assisting him with tending to the crops from an early age.

​The long-standing history and the quality of the fruits its crops produced led Margot Farms to make quite the name for themselves in the Grand Rapids area. The fruits, which were frequently referred to by locals as "gold", caught on and in the 1990s Margot Farms was officially renamed Gold Coast Farms. 

Under the watchful eye of Glenn and Karen, their son Scott and his wife Robin now manage the farm and have purchased an additional 44 acres of land to harvest. 

Today, Gold Coast Farms grows apples and peaches, supplying to local grocery stores, Grand Rapids distributers, and as of 2020, directly to consumers right from the farm.​




 Fuji - Gala - Ginger Gold - Golden Delicious - Honeycrisp - Idared - Jonagold - McIntosh - Red Delicious - Golden Supreme - Pink Lady - Ambrosia
Granny Smith


 Summer Serenade - Glenglo - Starfire -

Flaming Fury - Allstar - Gloria - Messina 

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